Training Log – 11/08/10

Stronglifts Workout B:

Squats – 5×5 – 90 lbs
Bench Press – 5×5 – 2 sets @ 75 lbs, 3 sets @ 70 lbs
Inverted rows – 3×12
Pushups – 3xF – 8/5/8
Reverse curls – 3×12 

Swimming – 6 laps

If there was ever a day I was glad I have a larger goal, it’s today. Because today would have dealt a serious blow to my committment to fitness.

It wasn’t even all that bad – it was just a lot of little things. I woke up late and got to the gym so late that my training partner (who had started early because he had to be at work earlier than usual) had already finished his strength workout and had moved on to cardio. Then, I left my gloves in the locker room. My workout partner graciously stayed long enough to spot me on bench presses, but both benches were occupied. Then he asked me to show him how to do inverted rows, and busted out a full set, WITH his heels on the ground, when I’ve been struggling with them since I started this workout, and have had to put my feet flat on the floor. *sigh*

This was my first day trying to swim after my strength workout, and its clear that’s not going to work. My muscles were already pretty taxed, so instead of my planned 12 laps, I could only do 6. So I’m going to start splitting my workouts – morning and evening – and see how that works out.

On Tuesday, I start the Couch to 5K program.  Wish me luck!

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