Back for the Second Time

*blows dust off the blog*

*kicks self for giving up “”* Perhaps just I need to think of a catchy new domain name?


Not a lot of exercising going on. First due to laziness, and now due a sprained ankle and possible other issues. I’ve got an MRI scheduled for tomorrow. I’m crossing my fingers, because I’m getting to a point where if I’m not well, I’m not going to be able to prepare for Iron Girl in time.

With a glut of forced downtime on my hands, I’ve done a lot of thinking. And I realized, just maybe, I should be writing some of these thoughts down.

Of course, now that I’m sitting in front of the wordpress editor, all those great ideas I’ve had are GONE. They’re a bit skittish, see – blank computer screens terrify them. They’ll come back. Eventually. I’ve gotta get back in the carrying-a-notebook-everywhere habit – catch them unawares.

Stay tuned. I make no promises of consistency or dedication. All I have is my gracious self, which is the god of my idolatry.

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