Weekly Update: One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

As Monday, May 23rd:

Bust: 44″ (no change)
Waist: 36.5″ (+1)
Hips: 45″ (+1)
Right thigh: 24″ (no change)
Left arm: 13″ (no change)

Weight: 203.8 lbs

This week: +2 in/ -1 lbs
Since 5/9/11: -5 in/ -1 lbs

Well…I can’t say it’s not a bit disappointing to see inches go up instead of down – even though I’m pretty sure I know why the waist measurement, at least, went up. And though I’m down one pound, I was down three pounds just a day earlier.

So what happened? Two words: CHEAT DAY.

On the whole, this was a good week. I was much better about adhering to the specifics of the diet. Though I had decided it was ok to drink Coke Zero, I didn’t actually partake (and have not been really craving caffeine or sugar, which is PRETTY SHOCKING HONESTLY).

I had a mini-cheat on Friday: Truck Sliders from Gypsy Queen Cafe. I am totally unrepentant, and if you had eaten those sliders you would be too.

I made my first (and second) visit to Chipotle since starting and learned that, verily, Burrito Bols without rice are just as delicious as those with. And honestly, I was never really big on all that rice anyway. For me it was little more than a means of shoving more sour cream into my mouth. And I am perfectly capable fo finding other ways to do that.

This week I started weighing myself daily, and using  Libra to track it. It makes me feel like I’ve got a finger on the pulse of my body, so to speak. I got the idea from The Fat Yogi‘s post about the tips and tricks that have helped him lose 41 pounds:

2. Weigh Daily: Ignore what the pros say about weighing weekly. There is no research that shows that weighing weekly is better than weighing daily. Daily weights give you a running total of what direction you’re heading.

Also, I read The Hacker’s Diet quite a while back, so I was familiar with the idea that body weight tracked over time can offer an accurate picture of whether that extra pound or two is just your body’s normal fluctuations, or whether you need to reexamine your eating.

Which brings me to: Cheat Day. I had a luncheon to attend on Sunday, so I moved my Cheat Day so that I wouldn’t have to worry too much about what was on the menu. Mistake #1 was that I didn’t eat any breakfast (Poor Planning strikes again!).

[Actually, that’s Mistake #2. Mistake #1 was going to MEX the night before for a friend’s birthday and drinking way more than I intended and yet not getting drunk! Stupid weak drinks. If I’m going to consume those calories it should WORTH IT.]

As for what I did eat: an entire liter of Coke, a 7-Eleven corn dog thingy, the luncheon (crab cakes, the-salad-that-was-not-very-good, the-croutons-which-were, a yeast roll (which I wish I had eaten more of), two servings of rosemary potatoes, undercooked green beans, cake and icing, and a little bit of rice pudding), a caramel sundae from Dairy Queen, another 20 oz Coke, and 5 nuggets with sweet and sour sauce, fries, and an orange soda from Wendy’s.


I woke up this morning feeling sluggish and bloated, so I was totally unsurprised at both my waist measurement and my weight going up 2 pounds. Mistake #23 of my Cheat Day was not drinking nearly enough water, something I’m correcting today as I restore my equilibrium. Which brings me to:

This Week’s Goal: Water Consumption

I’m drinking more water than I was, but I’m still not necessarily drinking enough day in and day out. So my goal this week is to drink at least half my body weight in ounces of water, daily. I brought an extra measuring cup in to work so I can track my water here, and I downloaded an app called Hydrate so I can track my water intake. So far, so good. Once I start drinking water it’s easy to keep it up, but remembering to keep going is an issue. Luckily, the app will remind me every 90 minutes between 9 am and 8 pm.

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