Weekly Update: It’s a Race, Not a Sprint

(Though my triathlon is technically both, but that’s another story.)

Without further ado:

As of Wednesday, June 15th:

Bust: 43.5″ (-.5″)
Waist: 35.5″ (no change)
Hips: 45″ (no change)
Right thigh: 23.5″ (-.5″)
Left arm: 12.5″ (-.5″)

Weight: 199.1 lbs (+.5 pounds since last status post)

This week: N/A
Since 5/9/11: -9.5 in/ -5.7 lbs

I don’t know what I’m doing wrong, or even if I’m doing anything wrong, or if this is just how I am. I like that I’ve lost inches (even in my arms – the amount of flesh hanging from my arms is kind of ridiculous), but my weight jumped up 2 pounds after several days of either dropping or no change. And I don’t know what I did.

It’s pretty discouraging to think that one cup of tea with Splenda, or a little salad dressing from the work salad bar that might have something in it to make it sweet, or one too many walnuts can completely derail my body and cause me to stop losing weight.

It’s also highly possible that I’m a) totally overreacting and b) in desperate need of a little more patience. Just maybe.

One change I will be making: right now I’m not eating breakfast before hitting the gym, and if any one thing may have thrown me off, it’s probably that. Which means getting my groggy ass out of bed a bit earlier and eating something, preferably that’s high in protein. I could scramble eggs in my sleep, and I may be literally doing that soon.

And another: I’m going to start tracking more variables. I already record my weight, my workouts, and my water intake (which is 100+ ounces a day, most days), but it’s in my nature to want MOAR DATA. So I’m going to start keeping track of my meals, my, um, bodily processes, and, well, anything else that might be useful. My concern is that I’ll go too far (because I just might have a slightly obsessive component to my personality…maybe a little), but I think I’ll feel better about this whole process if I know I’m doing everything I can to ensure its success.

Otherwise, I’ll end up going back to french fries and coke and all the things I used to eat (*drool*), and that’s just right out. Dammit.

    • anvancafitcoach
    • June 16th, 2011

    I hope you stick with it. How long have you been losing weight? How long have you been going to the gym? The reason I ask is that there may be several causes to the slowing down of weight loss. If you are training for a triathlon, depending upon how long you’ve been at it, you could be at a point where the muscle gain is cancelling out the fat loss. Muscle is more dense (weighs more for the same volume), so ironically, you could actually gain weight while you measurements waist size, hip size, etc. are actually better. If you are have been training for awhile, this may be where you are. If so, I’d shift my focus to measure my size (waist, arms, hips) or my body fat, not my weight.

    If not, the other cause could be the dieter’s plateau, which is how the body reacts when faced with fewer calories. It slows our metabolism because it thinks we are starving. This generally happens early on, but it can happen over the course of a diet. Gaining muscle mass and increasing the duration of your exercise are two ways to ratchet up the metabolism. There are also supplements, which claim to help. Finally, you may want to talk to your doctor to make sure all of your systems are in working order, especially, your thyroid.

    I’m not a physician so please consider this as just information from someone who has been at this for a long time, trying to help.

      • Laya
      • June 16th, 2011

      I hasn’t been too long – almost six weeks for the diet, and I started the tri training on Memorial Day. I honestly think I’m sufferign from information overload. There are so many approaches to weight loss, and so many of them conflict – even with the low carb/paleo world. So I constantly wonder if the course I’m choosing is the right one, and if it is then why don’t I see more results?

      Concentrating on tri training has actually helped a lot. Doing the triathlon is my number one goal, so if my workouts are hindering my fat loss (as some have said they may) then it’s ok. I can live with it. As long as I keep at least facing forward and not slipping backward, I think I’ll be alright. 🙂

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