Hi. I’m Laya, aka Goldie Brawn or goldenlady in various places around the interwebs.

In late September, 2010, something in me said, “You know…we’ve been heavier than we would like for quite a while now. And we have that gym membership that we pay for every month, but we never use it. I think we should think about going back to the gym, and finally getting fit.”

(I do that a lot, by the way: have entire conversations with different aspects of myself. It’s confusing sometimes, but usually illuminating.)

Not that I hadn’t thought this before. But  I happened to get an email from the Stronglifts community. I had been receiving and ignoring these emails for quite a while, but I’m pretty sure it was this post that caught my attention, and got me started. I’d always had an interest in weight lifting, and I decided the StrongLifts 5×5 would be the program I’d follow.

A week or so into working out, it hit me that I needed a goal – something to push myself toward. I’m not sure where the idea for a triathlon came from, but it appealed to me. I get bored easily, and who can be bored while training in not one, but three different sports?

This blog is about my journey from a fast-food-eating, out-of-breath-climbing-the-stairs, constant avoider of exercise to a fitter, healthier, and hopefully somewhat less round triathlete. Along the way, I’ll share the resources, articles, and equipment that is helping me, as well as my own thoughts, feelings, and foibles (of which I’m sure there will be many).

Thanks for reading. If you’d like to contact me for any reason, please email goldiebrawn (at) gmail [dot] com.

My Strength Program: StrongLifts 5×5 [Free! And with an informative and supportive community attached.]

My Eating Plan: Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle [Affiliate Link]

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