Slow Carb Success…I Think

I finally bit the bullet and started the Slow Carb Diet from “Four Hour Body”.

Now, my timing was pretty crappy for all this because:

 1) I was “on my girly”, which meant I didn’t do measurements for the first week, as hormones would have completely screwed those up.

2) My first weekend (and cheat day) I was out of town, and discovered the unfortunate fact that doing this diet on the road without a plan SUCKS.

Plus, during my second week I did a copious amount of backsliding. I drank soda, ate candy, and had a cheat weekend rather than just a cheat day. And despite all of that, I still lost inches.  Surprised the hell out of me!

The Stats

Monday, May 9, 2011

Bust: 44″
Waist: 38.5″
Hips: 46″
Left arm: 14″
Right thigh: 25″
Weight: 204.8 lbs.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Bust: 45″ (+1″, though I’m not counting it, I’ll explain why)
Waist: 35.5″ (-3″ [!!!])
Hips: 44″ (-2″)
Left arm: 13″ (-1″)
Right thigh: 24″ (-1″)
Weight: 204.8 lbs. (no change)

7 INCHES!!! I may have double and triple checked these measurements, not really believing my eyes. And then I just might have done a little happy dance.

About the bust measurement: I was being an idiot about how I was measuring that, so going forward 45″ will just be my base. (Honestly, I don’t expect that one to change a whole lot, but I could be wrong.)

Also:  notice my weight didn’t change. I attribute that to my backsliding behavior.

Seeing these sorts of results has rededicated me to following the diet to the letter. I almost had yet another Coke last night before taking these, and now I’m glad I didn’t. Plus, there are other strategies I haven’t added yet, such as proper bingeing (Cheat Day) techniques, supplements, fermented foods, and cold therapy (brr!).

My weight goal is 165, because it’s the lightest I can ever remember being post-puberty. This may be the first time I’ve ever considered I could actually pull it off.


Back for the Second Time

*blows dust off the blog*

*kicks self for giving up “”* Perhaps just I need to think of a catchy new domain name?


Not a lot of exercising going on. First due to laziness, and now due a sprained ankle and possible other issues. I’ve got an MRI scheduled for tomorrow. I’m crossing my fingers, because I’m getting to a point where if I’m not well, I’m not going to be able to prepare for Iron Girl in time.

With a glut of forced downtime on my hands, I’ve done a lot of thinking. And I realized, just maybe, I should be writing some of these thoughts down.

Of course, now that I’m sitting in front of the wordpress editor, all those great ideas I’ve had are GONE. They’re a bit skittish, see – blank computer screens terrify them. They’ll come back. Eventually. I’ve gotta get back in the carrying-a-notebook-everywhere habit – catch them unawares.

Stay tuned. I make no promises of consistency or dedication. All I have is my gracious self, which is the god of my idolatry.

“Naked People”, Pearl Clutchers, and Everyone Else

There are three types of women in my gym’s locker room: Naked People, Pearl Clutchers, and Everyone Else.

“Naked People” is what I call those who are most comfortable without clothes. I used to live with a Naked Person, so I know of what I speak. They’re the ones that seem to do everything in the locker room without a stitch on. They walk around naked, dry their hair naked, go in the steam room and sit naked, put on their makeup naked, and just about anythign else you can do in a gym locker room…naked.

Then, you have the antithesis of the Naked People – the Pearl Clutchers. These are the people who look absolutely scandalized when a naked person saunters by, and may even say a few words behind their back once the person is safely out of earshot. They look over at the woman making sure to get her hair as dry as humanly possible while naked as a jaybird, and then look away with an eye roll or a sneer of disgust. When walking by the naked woman sitting on the bench, they obviously avert their eyes and scurry past as quickly as possible.

And then, there’s the rest of us – myself included. While I don’t go out of my way to share my womanly treasures with my fellow gym-goers, I may flash them from time to time because I have yet to find a towel at a reasonable price that can adequately contain said treasures (and let’s not even talk about the gym’s towels). I’ll change my clothes in the open, but if involves removing my bra (and for me, it usually does) then I go in changing room. I figure this is the biggest group – those of us somewhere in the middle.

Personally, I don’t really mind the naked people. If being naked is what does it for them, have at. My only request is please, please use a towel when sitting anywhere. Anything else would be uncivilized.

And to the pearl clutchers – lighten up. Yes, we all from time to time have been hit with an unexpected shot of naked female body when coming around a corner or out of a changing room which has seared itself permanently into our retinas. But honestly? It’s not a big deal. They’re just bodies, and we all have them. And you can take comfort in the fact that even the most devoted naked person has to eventually put on clothes, and rejoin the outside world.


Today marks exactly one month since I started exercising. In the past, this is the point where my resolve starts to crumble, just a bit. My diet starts to slip. I start missing the occasional workout. The phrases “just this once” and “it’s ok this time” and “tomorrow, I’ll be better” start popping into my head or coming out of my mouth.

This time is no exception. I missed my Tuesday morning workout and my whole day of workouts on Thursday, and Monday, Wednesday, and this morning I was late meeting my workout partner for morning weightlifting. Today, I was so late that he was on his way out of the gym as I was on my way in.

Despite all of this, I think I’ve made a lot of progress this month:

  • I’m definitely stronger. I started out barely being able to hold a plank position on my elbows for 15 seconds, and now I can do 3×30 with no problem. I’m squatted 105 lbs and benched 75 lbs this morning, and it felt really good. In particular, putting those 25 lb plates on the bar for squats feels awesome.
  • Despite setbacks this week, during the rest of the month I’ve been much more consistent getting up and getting to the gym than I ever thought I possible.
  • I love Spinning, despite the fact that it kicks my butt consistently every class. I love getting to the end of class and feeling both accomplished and totally tapped out.
  • I made myself get in the pool, and I’ve kept up with my swimming workouts (such as they are). Even though I usually have to rest between laps, it feels good just to be doing it.
  • I’m drinking a lot more water and eating a much better diet overall – lots of leafy greens and lean protein.
  • I’m sleeping better.
  • I’ve been keeping up with StrongLifts community, and my training log.
  • My pants are a bit looser. 😀

At the same time, I have some things to work on:

  • I haven’t been counting my calories or my macronutrients. I was good about it in the first week or so, but quickly lost interest.
  • I’ve only lost 3 lbs., tops. I’m not sure if this is because I’m eating too much, or I’m not eating enough. :/
  • I’ve yet to take “before” pictures.
  • As mentioned above, I’m missing workouts. Though it’s not such a big deal now, I’d like to not make it a habit. Next year I’ll be in training for triathlon, and too many missed workouts could affect how ready I am for the race.

It’s time to recommit and rededicate myself to achieving my fitness goals. I have three things I want to accomplish this weekend to that end:

  1. To reread Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle, reassess my diet, and plan my meals for next week.
  2. To finally take “before” pictures.
  3. To commit to a set bedtime, and reassess how my alarms are set up in the morning. I think missing my morning workouts has more to do with staying up too late the previous mornings than anything else.

Overall, though? I feel pretty good. I’m making progress, however slowly. Up next – swim workout tonight, and…something tomorrow. Zumba? More swimming? Who knows. 🙂

Training Log – 11/09/10

Stationary bike – 20 mins, intervals
Yoga – 60 mins

Took it easy. Couch to 5K was postponed because my running partner was tied up at work – we’ll be starting on Sunday. This was my first time doing yoga in quite a while, and I swear I heard a soft *pop* somewhere in my spine. It didn’t hurt, but it felt a bit weird, yet freeing. Yoga also make me very aware of a) just how not flexible I am and b) all the places in my body I’m holding tension, all the time.

For 11/10, planning a.m. weights and p.m. swimming. It will be my first time trying the am/pm split. 😀

Training Log – 11/08/10

Stronglifts Workout B:

Squats – 5×5 – 90 lbs
Bench Press – 5×5 – 2 sets @ 75 lbs, 3 sets @ 70 lbs
Inverted rows – 3×12
Pushups – 3xF – 8/5/8
Reverse curls – 3×12 

Swimming – 6 laps

If there was ever a day I was glad I have a larger goal, it’s today. Because today would have dealt a serious blow to my committment to fitness.

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I Suck at Beginnings

I have a tendency to just hop into things because I’m really bad at starting.  No preparation, no forethought, no real planning. Just do it, and figure the details out later.

That is, until the details become necessary. And then I get trapped by them – bogged down in endless choices that I can never seem to resolve.

That leads me to this blog – both its existence and its reason.

I’m not sure exactly when I got the bright idea to enter a triathlon. For that matter, I’m not sure when I decided I wanted to give “being healthy” another shot. I’m 31, a former smoker, and no stranger to the impulse for self-improvement. I’ve bought books, read blogs, gone to seminars, and generally thrown myself at the brick wall that is making myself into a “better” person, over and over and over again.

The line about insanity being doing the same thing and expecting different results is no less true for its overuse. I’ve been able to stick with an exercise program for a while in the past, and lost a bit of weight. But something always gets in the way – work, school, a lack of time, a lack of motivation. And the choices that do me the least amount of good always seem to be the easiest – go to the gym, or…stay home and play video games. Get up early, or….sleep a few more hours. Cook a healthy meal at home, or…order a cheesesteak or some chicken wings from the delivery place that so graciously stuck a menu in my door.

I knew that this time, I needed a goal – a *big* goal. You would think losing weight or being healthier were good enough goals, but apparently I don’t work that way. I need a finish line. I need something more concrete to strive for. I need competition – even if it is ultimately with myself.

And what better finish line than a triathlon?

Every time I think “I don’t want to do this anymore” or “I can skip just this one time” or “I can have this one treat and it won’t make a difference”, I remind myself that I’ve made a commitment to complete a triathlon, and that everything I’m doing is in service to that goal. And so far, it’s kept me going.

Which leads to the blog. I’ve been posting a training log in the Stronglifts community (which is the weight training plan I’m using), but I’m a talker, and I don’t necessarily think that’s the best place to blather on about my cardio workouts or my travails trying to find a sports bra that has any chance of containing my substantial mammaries. Plus, one can never have too many places to be accountable.

So, welcome, if you are reading this. Come along with me on this path littered with blood, sweat, and hopefully very few tears. Let’s see how deep the rabbit hole goes.