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Weekly Update: It’s a Race, Not a Sprint

(Though my triathlon is technically both, but that’s another story.)

Without further ado:

As of Wednesday, June 15th:

Bust: 43.5″ (-.5″)
Waist: 35.5″ (no change)
Hips: 45″ (no change)
Right thigh: 23.5″ (-.5″)
Left arm: 12.5″ (-.5″)

Weight: 199.1 lbs (+.5 pounds since last status post)

This week: N/A
Since 5/9/11: -9.5 in/ -5.7 lbs

I don’t know what I’m doing wrong, or even if I’m doing anything wrong, or if this is just how I am. I like that I’ve lost inches (even in my arms – the amount of flesh hanging from my arms is kind of ridiculous), but my weight jumped up 2 pounds after several days of either dropping or no change. And I don’t know what I did.

It’s pretty discouraging to think that one cup of tea with Splenda, or a little salad dressing from the work salad bar that might have something in it to make it sweet, or one too many walnuts can completely derail my body and cause me to stop losing weight.

It’s also highly possible that I’m a) totally overreacting and b) in desperate need of a little more patience. Just maybe.

One change I will be making: right now I’m not eating breakfast before hitting the gym, and if any one thing may have thrown me off, it’s probably that. Which means getting my groggy ass out of bed a bit earlier and eating something, preferably that’s high in protein. I could scramble eggs in my sleep, and I may be literally doing that soon.

And another: I’m going to start tracking more variables. I already record my weight, my workouts, and my water intake (which is 100+ ounces a day, most days), but it’s in my nature to want MOAR DATA. So I’m going to start keeping track of my meals, my, um, bodily processes, and, well, anything else that might be useful. My concern is that I’ll go too far (because I just might have a slightly obsessive component to my personality…maybe a little), but I think I’ll feel better about this whole process if I know I’m doing everything I can to ensure its success.

Otherwise, I’ll end up going back to french fries and coke and all the things I used to eat (*drool*), and that’s just right out. Dammit.


Setbacks and Forward Movement

Libra graph

So, this is my Libra graph for the past week, and the primary reason I’ve even silent. There’s a couple things going on here.

Last Saturday morning I felt pretty good. My weight was at an all-time low and it was Cheat Day! 😀 And boy did I cheat – McDonald’s, Chick-Fil-A, and sautéed soft shell crabs at dinner for my Mom’s birthday. The next day I weighed myself (I actually brought my scale to my Mom’s with me), and was a bit shocked. My weight had gone up 5 pounds. Now, I’ve always gained weight after cheat day, and according to Four Hour Body, water weight gain is to be expected. Plus, the weight is lost over the next 48 hours. Except my weight didn’t go down like it has in the past.

I have a couple of theories on what may have happened:

  1. Hormones

Without getting into details, my hormones were definitely in flux at about the time that I had my cheat day. Estrogen and testosterone have direct effects on how the body metabolizes glycogen (something I learned from Why We Get Fat by Gary Taubes, which I’ll talk about in more depth after I finish it).

  1. Exercise

I’m not sure what effect all of the exercising I’m doing has had on my fat loss. Why We Get Fat hypothesizes that exercise can actually hinder fat loss because it increases appetite. I’m not sure how much I buy that, but I will say I’ve been quite the food monster lately. It’s a little strange to go from someone known for never finishing her food to someone who cleans her plate with no problems. (More on this in a minute.)

  1. Proper Bingeing Techniques

In Four Hour Body, there’s a Chapter called “Damage Control”. It’s about how to binge without putting on fat, and I haven’t implemented any of those strategies on Cheat Day. Up until now, I honestly haven’t needed them. I can’t do the supplement stack yet as I lack funds (next week though, it’s on), but I can do some of the other things: consuming citrus juice and caffeine, eating more slowly so my glucose doesn’t spike, and doing low level exercises before and after meals that will encourage my body to use the extra glucose for that instead of sticking it into my fat cells

I’ve done a lot of thinking this week, and came to a few conclusions.

First, I’m sticking with Slow Carb. I’ve looked around at a few other diets (this one in particular…which I can’t do and still tri train, but I may come back to it after training is done), but honestly I haven’t been on this one long enough to really judge whether it works or not. The other thing (something I picked up from here is that I really need to just do the Slow Carb program the way it’s written. No substitutions, no varying, no nothing. Maybe when I’ve reached my first goal I can look at changing some things up. And honestly, I haven’t had any issues eating exactly the way that’s outlined in the book. I guess it’s just a part of my nature to fiddle with things, but that’s coming to an end.

Third, and in direct opposition to what I just said, I may consider splitting my Cheat Day into two Cheat Meals, or at least going from dinner to lunch instead of all in one day. It’s a strategy I first read about in The Fat Yogi as a way to build some flexibility when there’s a special meal during the week that you don’t want to miss. This week I went to Bad Decisions for their Beer ‘N Bacon Happy Hour, and I knew it would be nigh on impossible to limit myself to Slow Carb friendly dishes. So I went ahead a cheated (and it was TOTALLY WORTH IT). I ended up deciding to just keep the party going, and had a cheat breakfast and lunch the next day, with a Slow Carb dinner Friday night. And the thing is I didn’t put on any extra weight. I ate what I wanted – alcohol, white rice, pancakes, sliders, barbecue sauce – and my weight stayed pretty steady. And as of this morning, I’m down almost 3 pounds in 2 days.

Lastly, I realized that if I have to choose between triathlon training and weight loss, I’m choosing triathlon training. The first week of training didn’t seem to effect my weight loss, and as I said earlier, I’m not sure how much it had to do with my week long plateau. But I realized that completing this triathlon is extremely important to me – more important than losing weight. It surprised me a little. I’ve wanted to be thinner/lighter for so long, and tried so many times to do it, and now that the goal may be in my grasp I may be choosing something else. I figure that a) as Tim Ferris says in a later chapter on building muscle: even if you gain a little fat while building your physique, you can always switch back to Slow Carb and lose it later and b) I won’t be training forever. I have my eye on a couple of Fall races (assuming Iron Girl is as awesome as I think it’s going to be and I actually want to do it again), but after that I will take a break from  training and concentrate on other things. Right now I have no plans on being a professional triathlete, so I know that as long as I maintain my fitness level, I’ll be able to pick things up again in the Spring and get ready for the new season.

Relatedly, I’m taking a hard look at my eating as it relates to my training. The beans I eat seem to provide enough carbs for me to complete my workouts without too much trouble, but I know that I may need to start adding small amounts of high quality carbs back into my diet in advance of some of my heavier training days (such as when I have a “brick” workout scheduled, which is when I do two out of three events back-to-back). It may be as simple as consuming meal replacement shake or glucose gel. Also, though Slow Carb doesn’t require calorie counting, I think some amout of tracking is inescapable if I want to be sure I’m getting the right amounts of macronutrients that will keep my body properly fueled. I’ve got to figure out an easy way to do that, as well as not overthink it (which is why I quit doing it in the first place). [Sidenote: there are so many approaches to this seemingly simple question!! I’m guessing I’ll just have to experiment and find what works best for me.]

So here I am, once again rededicated to my cause. There’s a strength training workout in my immediate future and posts about my training, what I’m eating, and a few other things. If you read this far, then thank you! 🙂 I can’t promise I won’t hit another speed bump (and subsequent blogging silence), but I can say I’ll try.

Measurements and status tomorrow!

Weekly Update: One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

As Monday, May 23rd:

Bust: 44″ (no change)
Waist: 36.5″ (+1)
Hips: 45″ (+1)
Right thigh: 24″ (no change)
Left arm: 13″ (no change)

Weight: 203.8 lbs

This week: +2 in/ -1 lbs
Since 5/9/11: -5 in/ -1 lbs

Well…I can’t say it’s not a bit disappointing to see inches go up instead of down – even though I’m pretty sure I know why the waist measurement, at least, went up. And though I’m down one pound, I was down three pounds just a day earlier.

So what happened? Two words: CHEAT DAY.

On the whole, this was a good week. I was much better about adhering to the specifics of the diet. Though I had decided it was ok to drink Coke Zero, I didn’t actually partake (and have not been really craving caffeine or sugar, which is PRETTY SHOCKING HONESTLY).

I had a mini-cheat on Friday: Truck Sliders from Gypsy Queen Cafe. I am totally unrepentant, and if you had eaten those sliders you would be too.

I made my first (and second) visit to Chipotle since starting and learned that, verily, Burrito Bols without rice are just as delicious as those with. And honestly, I was never really big on all that rice anyway. For me it was little more than a means of shoving more sour cream into my mouth. And I am perfectly capable fo finding other ways to do that.

This week I started weighing myself daily, and using  Libra to track it. It makes me feel like I’ve got a finger on the pulse of my body, so to speak. I got the idea from The Fat Yogi‘s post about the tips and tricks that have helped him lose 41 pounds:

2. Weigh Daily: Ignore what the pros say about weighing weekly. There is no research that shows that weighing weekly is better than weighing daily. Daily weights give you a running total of what direction you’re heading.

Also, I read The Hacker’s Diet quite a while back, so I was familiar with the idea that body weight tracked over time can offer an accurate picture of whether that extra pound or two is just your body’s normal fluctuations, or whether you need to reexamine your eating.

Which brings me to: Cheat Day. I had a luncheon to attend on Sunday, so I moved my Cheat Day so that I wouldn’t have to worry too much about what was on the menu. Mistake #1 was that I didn’t eat any breakfast (Poor Planning strikes again!).

[Actually, that’s Mistake #2. Mistake #1 was going to MEX the night before for a friend’s birthday and drinking way more than I intended and yet not getting drunk! Stupid weak drinks. If I’m going to consume those calories it should WORTH IT.]

As for what I did eat: an entire liter of Coke, a 7-Eleven corn dog thingy, the luncheon (crab cakes, the-salad-that-was-not-very-good, the-croutons-which-were, a yeast roll (which I wish I had eaten more of), two servings of rosemary potatoes, undercooked green beans, cake and icing, and a little bit of rice pudding), a caramel sundae from Dairy Queen, another 20 oz Coke, and 5 nuggets with sweet and sour sauce, fries, and an orange soda from Wendy’s.


I woke up this morning feeling sluggish and bloated, so I was totally unsurprised at both my waist measurement and my weight going up 2 pounds. Mistake #23 of my Cheat Day was not drinking nearly enough water, something I’m correcting today as I restore my equilibrium. Which brings me to:

This Week’s Goal: Water Consumption

I’m drinking more water than I was, but I’m still not necessarily drinking enough day in and day out. So my goal this week is to drink at least half my body weight in ounces of water, daily. I brought an extra measuring cup in to work so I can track my water here, and I downloaded an app called Hydrate so I can track my water intake. So far, so good. Once I start drinking water it’s easy to keep it up, but remembering to keep going is an issue. Luckily, the app will remind me every 90 minutes between 9 am and 8 pm.

Slow Carb Success…I Think

I finally bit the bullet and started the Slow Carb Diet from “Four Hour Body”.

Now, my timing was pretty crappy for all this because:

 1) I was “on my girly”, which meant I didn’t do measurements for the first week, as hormones would have completely screwed those up.

2) My first weekend (and cheat day) I was out of town, and discovered the unfortunate fact that doing this diet on the road without a plan SUCKS.

Plus, during my second week I did a copious amount of backsliding. I drank soda, ate candy, and had a cheat weekend rather than just a cheat day. And despite all of that, I still lost inches.  Surprised the hell out of me!

The Stats

Monday, May 9, 2011

Bust: 44″
Waist: 38.5″
Hips: 46″
Left arm: 14″
Right thigh: 25″
Weight: 204.8 lbs.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Bust: 45″ (+1″, though I’m not counting it, I’ll explain why)
Waist: 35.5″ (-3″ [!!!])
Hips: 44″ (-2″)
Left arm: 13″ (-1″)
Right thigh: 24″ (-1″)
Weight: 204.8 lbs. (no change)

7 INCHES!!! I may have double and triple checked these measurements, not really believing my eyes. And then I just might have done a little happy dance.

About the bust measurement: I was being an idiot about how I was measuring that, so going forward 45″ will just be my base. (Honestly, I don’t expect that one to change a whole lot, but I could be wrong.)

Also:  notice my weight didn’t change. I attribute that to my backsliding behavior.

Seeing these sorts of results has rededicated me to following the diet to the letter. I almost had yet another Coke last night before taking these, and now I’m glad I didn’t. Plus, there are other strategies I haven’t added yet, such as proper bingeing (Cheat Day) techniques, supplements, fermented foods, and cold therapy (brr!).

My weight goal is 165, because it’s the lightest I can ever remember being post-puberty. This may be the first time I’ve ever considered I could actually pull it off.